Matthew Huston is an EMC singer, actor, and dancer based in the beautiful city of Chicago.

Matt hails from the small town of West Salem, WI. Throughout his youth, Matt was surrounded by music, which led him to pursue a variety of instruments. This included piano, percussion, guitar, and digeridoo-which was more dabbled in than anything! Upon entering high school, Matt re-focused his attention on voice and theater after making his debut as Benjamin in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Marie W. Heider Center. During high school, he participated in a variety of high school and community productions.

After high school, Matt attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While there, he continued to pursue his passion through participation in the Wisconsin Singers and his enrollment in a plethora of theater classes (from voice to acting to TCSA). He also performed in both University and community productions. At one point, he even had the amazing opportunity to perform at the New York City Fringe Festival with an original production. Matt graduated in 2012 with degrees in Marketing and Psychology, and a truck load of ambition. 


In March of 2013, Matt took the plunge and moved to Chicago in pursuit of his passion. It has truly been an adventure. Since moving, he has had the wonderful opportunity to perform with a number of theaters and meet many amazingly talented people. He has also continued to increase his abilities by taking classes and simply experiencing the wacky ride that is life. Recently, Matt has entered the ranks of the EMC members with his work at Northbrook Theatre.

Matt could not have made it this far without all of the friends, mentors, and teachers he has met throughout his life. He sends his love out to them, and even more so to those who embody all three (and more), his family. Thank you all for the continued support, encouragement, and belief!